Price List

It is important to state from the onset that all the prices listed below are our
professional fees only, they are exclusive of VAT which is currently 20% and
Disbursements such as Home Office, Counsel and Court Fees, which are
payable in appropriate or applicable cases by the Client in addition to our
professional fees.

Immigration Applications

EUSS Applications (Pre-settlement & Settlement): from £500 - £800
Nationality (Adult) £800 - £1,500 (Depending on Complexity)
Registration of Minor as British Citizen £750 - £1,000
Overseas Citizenships £1,500 - £2,500
Renunciation of Nationality £700
Application for Right of Abode (ROA) £500 - £800
Application for Extension of Leave to Remain: £800- £1,200
Leave to Remain Application for Non-Status Applicant: £1,500 - £2,000
Entry Clearance Application (Settlement): £1,500 - £25,00
Visit Visa: £1000 -£1500
Student Visa (Tier4 General): £1,200 - £1,500
Immigration Appeal: From £2,500.00 Inclusive of Counsel Fees for first hearing
Administrative Reviews £550 - £800

Judicial Review: £2,300 - £4,500
Immigration Bail: £1,250.00 - £1,700.00 (Depending on Location of Bail Hearing &
Asylum & Humanitarian Protection: £1,200 - £2,000
Family Reunion £2,000
Stateless Application: £1,500 £2,000
Sponsorship Licence Application: £2,000.00 - £3,000.00
Ancestry Visa £1,800 - £2,500
Adult Dependant Relative (Overseas) - £2,000 - £4,000

Business Migration Visas

Start-up/ Innovation Routes £20,000 - £45,000
Media & Sole Representative £12,000 - £18,000
Global Talent Visa £15,000
Tier 1 (Investor) £15,000
Tier 2 Work Related Applications £7,000 - £15,000
Tier, 1 &2 Extensions and Settlement Application £1,500 – 3,000
Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence Pre-work (Advert, documents & contract) £800 - £1500

The professional fees listed above for immigration matters are only applicable
to the main Applicants. Additional Fees are payable by Dependants which is
normally from £350.00 per dependant depending on the matter, with the
exception of immigration appeals, administrative reviews and judicial reviews
which are inclusive of the dependants.

Family & Matrimonial

In most cases, we provide fixed fees services in family cases with the exception of
cases involving children and financial settlement both contented and non-contested,
due to the unpredictability, complexity and time-consuming nature of such cases.
These cases are normally charge on £300 hourly rate.
However, we provide fixed fee agreements for straight forward non-contested
divorce cases, taking into account the time involved and complexity of each case.
As a guide we estimate that professional fee for a non-contested divorce will be
£800.00 - £1400.00.


The whole process from purchase/sale to completion or conclusion, including all
incidental work.

Purchase and Sale of a Residential Property

Our Legal Costs (see below, for freehold only) + Disbursements + General
Expenses + Anti-Money Laundry Charges (£145 per transaction) in all cases: -

Value of Property                             Cost

From £0 to £200,000                        £850.00 plus VAT
From £200,001 to £300,000            £950.00 plus VAT
From £300,001 to £400,000            £1,050.00 plus VAT
From £400,001 to £500,000            £1,250.00 plus VAT
From £500,001 to £600,000            £1,450.00 plus VAT
From £600,001 to £700,000            £1,750.00 plus VAT
From £700,001 to £800,000            £2,050.00 plus VAT
From £800,001 to £900,000            £2,500.00 plus VAT
From £900,001 to £1,000,000         £2,850.00 plus VAT
From £1,000,001 upwards To be quoted on request when full details supplied

If the property is a leasehold, it requires more work and our Legal Costs may have
to be increased as follows:-
If 999 years or residual term, no extra payable.
If under 999 years, e.g. 250 years, an extra £200.00 for Apartments/Flats.
 If under 999 years e.g. 250 years, an extra £100.00 for Houses

If the following event applies, you may have to pay extra Legal Costs:-

 Missing title deeds and documents, including ground rent receipt – To trace
and, if possible, obtain a copy - £30 per document + administration fees
charged by the supplier.
 To apply for landlord’s retrospective consent for unauthorised alteration or
addition, e.g. conservatory, garage and extension - £250 + Landlord’s
administration and legal fees. If any retrospective Planning Permission or
Building Regulations Approval is required and we can apply for you, there
will be more Legal Costs to be paid but we need more details before we can
offer an estimate.
 If there is any unusual requirement under the lease for which additional
work is required, we have to check the lease provisions before being able to
quote for our extra Legal Costs.
Disbursements include search fees and the typical or average costs for these are
as follows (dependent on each local authority and property): -

Type of Search Average Cost

Local Search fee From £60 to £150
Environment & Mining Search fee From £65 to £100
Drainage & Water Search fee From £55
Chancel Search fee From £24
Land Registry Office Copy fees £5 per document
Land Registry Bankruptcy Search fee £2 per name

Land Registry Priority Search fee £3 per title
Land Registry Registration fees Dependent on the value of the transaction,
ranging from £20 to £910

Land Transaction Tax or Stamp Duty Dependent on the value of the transaction

 More types of conveyancing searches are available if they are specifically
required by you, your lender or there are potential risks affecting the property
due to it is location or other factors.  We will discuss with you what searches
are relevant to the property and then advise you of the search costs.
 The timeframe for completion of a purchase or sale can range from a couple
of weeks to several months, which is dependent on various factors, such as
full or lack of cooperation from all the parties concerned, whether
conveyancing searches or surveys are required, the complexity of the
transaction, legal or title issues, location of the parties concerned and if there
is a chain of transactions and if so, how many there are in the chain. For a
purchase, if searches are required and they are received promptly, replies to
Enquiries before Contract are responded to by the seller’s solicitors promptly
and fully, there are no issues with our AML/source of funds checks, there is
no mortgage involved, there are no title or legal issues and all parties involved
are fully cooperative, we would expect the timescale from inception of
instructions to completion to be around 4 weeks or so.  This is an estimated
timescale only and can be affected by various factors outside of our control.

 Our conveyancing service will not, unless agreed by us in writing beforehand,
include arranging or advising on survey reports, negotiation of prices, site
inspections and matters not relating to the legal aspects of the sale or
purchase of the property.

Criminal Law

We have high success rate defending clients against various offences, from minor
road traffic offences to serious criminal offences such as
 Money Laundering
 Drug Dealing Offences
 Theft
 Fraud
 Sexual Offences
 Violent Assaults
 Tax Invasion and Benefit Cheats
We are non-legal aided firm; therefore, we provide representation and expert
defence against the above listed criminal offences, from Police Station attendance
and court appearances for £300 hourly rate.


We have a team of Solicitors specialised in litigation and have provided advice and
services in areas such as:
 Landlord and Tenants Disputes
 Consumer Law
 Rent Deposit Deed
 Deed of Surrender
 Contract Law
 Partnership Disputes
 Personal and Cooperate Litigation
 Land and Boundary Disputes
 Bad Neighbours and Antisocial Behaviours
 Construction Disputes
 Professional Negligence – including medical negligence
 Insurance Claim Disputes
 Employment Disputes
 Ownership of Copyrights and Patents
 County Court Claims
 Debt Recovery
 Business Disputes
 Inheritance and Wills Disputes
 Police Complaints

AB James Solicitors is a non-legal aided firm. Therefore, we provide assistance and
representation in the aforementioned areas on hourly basis and our hourly rates
starts from £300.

Trust & Equity

AB James Solicitors can assist you with structuring your business or investments
through trusts and due to the complexity of trust formation and execution, we provide
service in trust and equity on hourly rate basis, which is currently £300.


We provide a cost effective and highly competitive will writing services starting from


We provide a robust and highly competitive probate services for our client on hourly
rate basis, as probate matter are often time consuming and complex in nature and
thus it is usually difficult to put a fixed fee, save for obtaining the Grant of Probate
which we usually charge a fixed fee from £800. Our current hourly rate for probate
matters is £270 per hour.

Personal Injury

Some of our services are dealt with on a no win, no fee basis, meaning that save for
certain circumstances, you will only pay our fees if you win your case.


In certain cases, we provide services in employment dispute matters on a no win no
fee basis. However, we normally charge £300.00 per hour for both contested and
non-contested employment matters.
However, claims such as wrongful dismissal (Breach of Contract) and unfair
dismissal are normally dealt with by fixed fee agreements, taking into account the
likely value and complexity of each case. As a guide we estimate that our charges
for bringing and defending such cases would be:-
 Simple case: £1,850 to £6,000
 Medium complex case: £6,000 to £25,000
 Highly complex case: £25,000 to £100,000

The stages and fees mentioned above are mere illustration and indicative of a typical
case and the fees may vary depending on individual cases.

Debt Recovery

In appropriate cases, we provide services in debt recovery matters on a no win no
fee basis, depending on the nature and complexity and we will usually take between
thirty five percent and sixty percent of the recoverable debt, depending on the
complexity and hours spent on individual cases. However, disbursements and court
fees are excluded, as they are payable by the client as and when due.

Documents Preparation and Signing

Attestation of Documents £5(First Page) and £2.50 (Subsequent Pages)
Statutory Declaration and Deed Poll £125 - £250
Legalisation £250
Power of Attorney £150 - £300
Company Formation £300
Partnership Agreement £800-£1500

The prices listed above are bound to change in certain cases such as intricately
complex cases and when bespoke service is required by client, the actual fee
payable will be determined upon instruction.

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